Why Choose Leaktech


If you want to job right… then you need the right people. Equipment range should be one of your primary considerations. Traditionally clients choose Leaktech because of our recognised experience and results.

These days, there are many businesses claiming to be leak detection experts. Some plumbing companies or others go out and buy a “leak locator” from a representative claiming it will find every leak. That piece of equipment may indeed find some leaks. However, there is certainly much more to leak detection than the equipment.

The knowledge to interpret the information from the equipment and what it means, play a very big role. As the original specialist leak detection business, we have developed many unique skills. Nothing compares to the knowledge and skills gained by technicians ONLY finding leaks day after day.

“the original and still the best”

Leaktech has over 30 years experience in detecting water leaks

Over many years as specialists has shown us that no single technology will solve every problem. Yes, we can hear leaks underground with acoustic equipment if the conditions are ideal. Accurate acoustic detection requires complete quiet. That is often not achievable. Also, there are many different types of leak detection equipment available. They all have their strong points and they have their weaknesses as well.

That is why at Leaktech, we carry several types of acoustic equipment plus some hybrid items customised for our needs.

But there is more to Leaktech than just our equipment…… Noise can be overcome….. we can’t always obtain quiet conditions. Digital pipe correlators, In Pipe Acoustic Equipment, data Loggers and Correlating Loggers can often overcome noisy environments if used by a skilled operator.

The right leak detection equipment needs the right person operating it!

Thermal imaging can also play a vital part in locating the source of a leak if the right equipment is used by a trained technician. Leaktech technicians have the equipment and more importantly, they have the knowledge.

At times, there is a need to locate water and gas leaks using tracer gas technologies. At Leaktech, we have been developing our exclusive gas equipment since 2007 and strongly believe we are at the cutting edge in this area. Even though this method is sometimes our last choice, it is available and nobody else has access to the method we have perfected.

There is also a need for specialist camera technologies in finding leaks. Naturally we utilise those as well.

Data and pressure logging also has a very important role to play in solving some issues relating to water and gas leaks. Here at Leaktech, we have all required equipment to carry out logging.

Leaktech is the business to choose as we are quite unique in that we carry all the latest technologies including a couple of unique ones. We solve all problems in one call.

Finding leaks requires a specialist operator with many different technologies as every leak is unique.

Underground Cable/Pipe Service Locations

DBYD-Locator-LogoAs with water leak detection, if you want to job right then you need the right people. Leaktech Australia is not a recent starter in this field. For over two decades, we have been locating underground services. We have carried out extensive research into equipment available and have invested heavily into radio detection equipment (from 4 manufacturers), Ground Penetrating radar, Concrete X Ray Equipment, high end drain cameras and much more.

That was just the start. We then trained our staff to the highest standards and gained TELSTRA and DIAL BEFORE YOU DIG CERTIFICATION.

The right service location equipment needs the right person operating it!

Leaktech Australia are fully insured but we always warn that there are many unknowns when locating services underground. Potholing safely before excavating is always encouraged.