Water Leak Reveals Pressure On Council

It started as a leak.

Just a small one. There was not a huge stream of water gushing out all at once, but it was constant and it worried Diddillibah resident Michael Sekulich when he spotted it on Friday morning.

He rang the council about 9.30am that same day to report the leak, which was coming up from under the ground on the driveway used by Mr Sekulich to access his horses.

Yesterday that driveway resembled a small dam or a very large puddle, depending on how you looked at it.

The water had continued to leak out of the underground pipes in a constant stream during the weekend, and yesterday morning Mr Sekulich said he could not believe his eyes.

“The lady on the phone (when he rang the council) said she would get in touch with the water board, and no one has come down yet and it has been running ever since,” he said.

“It is running like an open tap. It has come up from the ground and is filling the driveway of the farm.

“It is like a dam now. Must be running at a litre a minute, easy.”

Mr Sekulich said he worried about the water loss, given the added pressure placed on Queensland residents to respect the natural resource.

A council spokeswoman said Mr Sekulich’s call had been logged but from the information he had provided the call centre, the job was assessed at a lower priority, which did not necessitate a response for up to three working days.

The spokeswoman said based on the new information, the council would contact Mr Sekulich again for a better idea of the situation.

Council staff members are believed to have subsequently addressed the problem.