Water Leak Detection For Plumbers

The majority of our clients are plumbers who recognise the value in using Leaktech

plumbers-leak-detectionWater leak detection and pipe and cable location are our core business. We don’t repair plumbing. We operate in conjunction with the plumber.

By locating the leaks, pipes or cables on their behalf, we save the plumber and their client valuable time and money. Our service takes the hard work and hassle away, freeing the plumber to concentrate on more productive work.

  • Locate source of unexplained moisture/leaks
  • Find leaks and pipes under concrete slabs, driveways, behind retaining walls
  • Locate leaks to fire mains
  • Cable location – power, data, phones (Telstra fibre-optic accreditation)
  • Water, irrigation, storm water, sewer and septic line location
  • Digital Colour Camera (CCTV) – sewer
  • Pipeline correlation and Data logging

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