Sewer Rising Main Leak Detection

Leaktech was engaged to locate a leak in a sewer rising main, newly laid through a Queensland regional town. The main was failing to hold test pressure during hydrostatic pressure testing. The pipe was approximately 700 metres of 550mm welded plastic, laid under an existing busy sealed roadway.

The civil contractor had been excavating for two weeks in suspected areas, leaving many large areas of damaged roadway without a leak being located. The cost of the search at that stage was over $20,000.

The pipe was laid at a minimum depth of 2.8 metres. This depth increases the difficulty of the job because at that depth, much of the pipe was submerged in ground water.

Traditional methods of leak detection were unsuccessful due to the traffic noise, the depth of the pipe and the lack of contact points along the length of the pipe.

Resolving the issue using Leaktech’s Tracer Gas Leak Detection Method

Utilising Leaktech’s exclusive tracer gas leak detection method, it was only necessary to close a small section of road and our Leaktech technicians were able to locate two separate leaks along the pipeline. Both leaks were found in areas not previously suspected and both were very deep. One leak was underneath a major intersection. Subsequent excavation proved that this leak was marked in the precise location and the other was within half a meter, despite all the problems on the site.

A major benefit of this method is that it allows the whole pipe to be checked. This provides the contractor with the confidence that we have located ALL problems in one cost-effective visit.