Locate Leaking Water Pipes

Big-Leak-007-e1368663503203-225x300Many water leaks are a lot harder to find than this one. This leaking underground pipe blew an 8 metre diameter hole in the road, blowing bitumen and kerbing into the air. Fortunately no-one was hurt. The burst water pipe that caused this massive sink hole in the road was 300mm in diameter.

Fortunately household water pipes are a lot smaller, usually around 12mm – 25mm. Whilst you can often see when a water pipe has burst, there are many instances where you may not even be aware you have a leak.

A recent genuine case study – A householder called Leaktech out to find a hidden leak that was losing over 2,000 litres of water a day. Their most recent water bill had more than doubled from their last one. There was no evidence of water at all. The outside water pipes ran under their newly renovated stencil patterned concrete driveway. Our Leaktech technician was able to locate the leak within the hour. We were able to save their brand new driveway from being cut up.

Many people assume that if they have a water leak they will see it, expecting to see evidence around – water patches on the grass, or rising damp up the walls. However, this is very often not the case.  Leaking water from external water pipes very often does not rise to the surface but disappears into the ground. If the ground is very sandy, water slips quickly through it. When clay soil is very dry, underground voids can form providing a pathway for water to drain away.

Periods of extensive rain or long dry spells often result in leaking water pipes, as these extreme conditions create movement in the ground.

Our team are specialists in locating leaking water pipes.

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