Thermal Imaging Camera for Leak Detection

Leaktech has introduced Thermal imaging into our extensive range of technologies

Do you have a leak that comes and goes? Thermal image scanning may be the solution to your problem.


Thermal Image scanning is particulary useful for locating rain related leaks. Thermal imaging or ‘infrared’ imaging is able to detect temperature differences which are unseen by the human eye. We can locate problems quickly and without destruction.

Electrical Faults

Infrared thermography evaluates the level of warming in low, medium and high voltage systems. Problems with connections and wiring are clearly highlighted as “hot spots” by the infrared imagery.

Plumbing Issues

Blockages in exposed pipes and leaks in pipes hidden behind walls and under floors can often be quickly identified.

Mold and Moisture

It is often difficult to find the point of entry of water through a roof or wall. Visible signs of mold or moisture are often far away from the actual leak. Thermal imaging will highlight the moisture pathway.

Thermal Imaging can detect the presence of mold in carpet, behind vinyl wallpaper.

Locate Building Problems Quickly

A non-destructive method for detecting moisture intrusion in roof systems, ceilings, walls and floors; as well as underground heating systems and sprinkler systems. Air leaks around ill-fitting windows and doors can also be detected.

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