Councils & Government Services

Leaktech Australia specialises in providing water leak detection, pipe and service location to Councils and Utility owners.

Big-Leak-007-e1368663503203-225x300Councils contact Leaktech to investigate wet areas in roads, yards or footpaths to establish the cause. We locate leaks in rising sewer mains, vacuum systems and non-pressurised pipes. Our highly sensitive equipment pinpoints the depth and location of the leak. We are also called upon to locate and mark out underground services where Councils are unsure of actual locations.

Data correlation and pipe correlation services are carried out by Leaktech to locate leaks and manage water usage in water mains. This sensitive up-to-date equipment ensures efficiency and quality results.

Leaks frequently appear under roads and are expensive to excavate. Contact Leaktech Australia for accurate positioning. We can pinpoint the problem.

We conduct leak surveys of suburbs on behalf of local governments committed to best practice management of their precious water resources.

For more information, please call Leaktech on 0421 624 794 or request a booking using the button below.