Hard to locate water leaks can be very expensive and disruptive to your business. Thanks to our technology and over 30 years of experience, we’re able to rapidly identify the source of water leaks that others miss.

We recently helped a major shopping centre significantly reduce damage to their business due to a particularly deceptive water leak. The large shopping centre in a Central Queensland city has major national tenants and is open 7 days until 9pm. The site has 18,000 square metres of concrete and had a very small but damaging leak.

The centre had over 3 kilometres of buried pipe (location generally unknown) and every previous leak was not near where the water appeared. The site had become hazardous for pedestrians and their plumber and local leak investigator had failed to find the leak despite numerous attempts. Every cut in the concrete was costing over $2500 and could only happen after 9pm. An astute local plumber had worked with Leaktech previously with a 100% success rate and we were called in to help.

It was a 550km drive each way and we were on site within 24 hours. We locate the leak within 20cm below 200mm of concrete and 32 metres from where the water appeared.

The cost for Leaktech was less than the cost of each wrong surface cut.


If you have a water leak, call in the team that has the technology and experience to identify it quickly and accurately.

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