Detecting Water Leaks

leakOur customers are constantly amazed at how we manage to detect their hidden water leaks and in such short time. It takes time to gain the experience needed to accurately detect leaks. It’s not the equipment that finds the leak. It’s our people and our methods that have been developed over many years.

Our leak detection expertise has been honed over the years because that’s all we do. At Leaktech we locate hidden leaks – water and gas, and locate hidden assets – water pipes, sewer, underground power and phone and fibre optics.

It takes experience and training to accurately detect water leaks

Many people assume it’s just our expensive equipment that finds the leak. This is far from the case.  Because you can’t see what’s hidden under the ground or behind walls, it takes experience and training to accurately identify the problem. There’s not much we haven’t come across over the years. This means our Leaktech technicians can provide cost-effective solutions to your problem.

So if you’ve got a leak, don’t muck around. Save your money and your time – call Leaktech on 0421 624 794 or request a booking using the button below.