Blocked or Broken Drains

4561341190_a2109a625fBlocked or Broken drains are something everybody hopes to avoid mainly because it is such a dirty task. However, a lot of residential bathrooms and kitchens suffer from a blocked drain at one point or another.

Blocked and broken drains cause a back-up of water or sewage which may cause trouble for property owners and disrupt their everyday lives. Every home owner must understand what causes a blocked drain and the things they could do to avoid the problem from happening.

Why do drains become blocked?

Drains may block because they are in bad physical condition or are not being cleaned. They might be in satisfactory condition but are abused by flushing away disposable nappies or additional things such as plastic bags that should in no way be sent down the sewerage system. Disposal of cooking fats and oils, and other domestic products such as DIY supplies such as plaster, can cause blockage of the pipework. Amongst the worst types of household emergencies are those linked to clogged drains. Similar to other household emergencies, they simply occur unexpectedly.

Tree roots are the most common cause of blocked and broken drains in Australia. Especially in the hottest months of summer, trees are thirsty for water and are attracted to the moisture build-up or condensation which forms on the outside of pipes. Blocked drains can also impact your business, affecting sales and productivity.

Leaktech uses CCTV cameras to effectively assist you with clogged drains and other plumbing services.


Blocked drains do not happen suddenly, they get steadily worse before becoming completely blocked and the situation is urgent. If you suspect you have a drain that is partly blocked, call us as soon as possible.

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