10 08, 2021

Detection of Unmarked Graves

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Detecting Unmarked Graves Using Ground Penetrating Radar Over the last 100 plus years Australia has had a history with regards to its extreme weather cycle and uncontrolled crises including: Bush Fires Dust Storms Flooding Hail Cyclones Severe Thunderstorms In some way or another, all of the above examples have had a catastrophic effect on society [...]

4 02, 2020

Pipes Bursting in the heat

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Hot Weather is Bursting Underground Pipes at Unprecedented Rates Bushfires, heatstroke, pet fatalities in over-heated cars. We’re sadly familiar with the devastation that our intense summer heat can cause above ground. What’s less known is that the same heat can cause damage underground, costing you significant money and destroying property. When soils dry out [...]